Juice Merchant

JuicebyMCB Merchant for swift access to your transactions

Accepting mobile payments has become a must for today’s businesses. It helps you save time, improves your business’ cash flow and accounts receivable processing while enhancing customer experience. Our mobile app JuiceByMCB allows you to bill customers and accept payments on the spot.


Key features

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL Security) for fraud prevention
  • Merchant SMS confirmation to acknowledge successful Juice payment
  • Ability to view your sales dashboards on a daily basis
  • Ability to query your sales transactions in real time
  • Data export on Microsoft Excel


How to apply

  • Contact your Relationship Manager
  • Our merchant representative will make an appointment to brief you on JuicebyMCB and sign an agreement
  • Set up of mobile phone to receive acknowledgement of Juice payments shall be done by MCB
  • MCB shall also provide you with a QR Code and materials related to Juice acceptance visibility


Click below to access your JuicebyMCB portal 

   - Juice Merchant Website