What can I do through Internet Banking (IB)?

You can easily check and manage the following:

  • Your account(s) and investment
  • Your credit cards, loans and queries
  • Effect transfers between your own account, to other local banks and internationally
  • Contact the Bank through the secure mailbox
  • Amend and register to SMS banking and MCB Refill service
  • Update your personal details
  • View, amend and cancel standing orders
  • View your direct debits

Where do I access the Internet Banking (IB) login screen?

You may access IB login page on the top right hand side of

What can I do if I have forgotten my user ID or password?

For all issues with your user ID or password, call +248 428 4555 or

  • Visit any branch for individuals
  • Fill in the form here for companies                                                                  

How can I effect payment to credit cards?

You may do so in the following ways:

  • Via Internet Banking 
  • At counter level in-branch

What can I do to ensure my online security?

It is imperative that you keep your user ID and password safe. As a preventive measure, change your password on a frequent basis. In case you receive a suspicious email that might be a phishing attempt or a scan, send an email to If you wish to log in to IB in a public place, use the virtual keyboard. More information on our security information section.

What is a security token?

It is a small calculator-like device used to generate a password to validate transactions (for individuals and companies).

How do I authorise a transaction with a security token?

Please follow these steps:  Switch on the token, insert the token PIN, insert the 7 digits challenge number on the token, click OK on the token, insert the token response on IB, and click on “authorise”

What precautions do I have to take when effecting a transaction on Internet Banking (IB)?

It is imperative to keep your user ID and password safe. You also need to ensure that you are on the correct website (with the internet address starting with https) and report any phishing attempt to View more precautionary measures on our security information section.

Corporate: Can a company pay salaries through Internet Banking (IB)?

Yes, through our bulk payment services, which allows performing several transactions at one go. For instance: salary payment, dividends and direct debits.

Corporate: What is bulk payment?

It is a bank system that allows performing several transactions at one go. For instance: salary payment, dividends and direct debits.

Corporate: How can a company effect bulk payment?

The company needs to apply to this service by selecting the option available on Internet Banking. Our bulk payment services allows to perform several transactions at one go, such as salary payment, dividends and direct debits.

How do I apply for IB?

You need to call at one of the MCB branches.

What are the documents needed for an Individual customer to apply for IB?

  • National Identity Number (or passport for non-citizens)
  • A proof of address in your name (in case your records are not updated at the Bank)

What do I need to log-in to IB?

  • User Id. The user's identification number
  • Login Password numerical/alpha-numerical password used to log-in to the service

What are the recommended browsers?

We highly recommend that you always use the latest version of your browser, available on the providers’ website

How to use the Security Token?

  • Switch on your Security Token
  • Type in your Token PASSWORD and 'CHAL' will appear
  • Type the 7-digit 'CHALLENGE' number on your Internet Banking screen
  • Press "ON" or "OK"
  • A 6-digit response will appear
  • Enter the Token response in the field on your Internet Banking screen
  • Click on 'Authorise' or "Initiate"

Is IB secured?

  • MCB IB provides you with maximum security and confidentiality for your banking transactions over the web.
  • All your transactions are encrypted, using strong encryption keys commercially available to date.
  • The MCB website uses a Verisign Secure Server Digital ID to offer proof of identity, to enable secure communications and to encrypt transactions with site visitors through their web browser connections.
  • The "s" in https and the closed padlock indicate that the website is secured. 

What are the security issues with managing my accounts via the Internet?

A personal MCB User ID and a computer-generated password that will be known only to you will ensure that no one but you will have access to your accounts 
On your first login session, you will be requested to change the allocated password. 
We strongly recommend that:
  • You memorise your User ID and password.
  • You keep your User ID and password separately and in a safe place.
  • You change your password regularly.

How do I change passwords?

  • Click on the "My Profile" icon at the top right of the screen
  • Choose between “Login” or “Transaction Password” (if you are not holder of a Security Token)
  • Fill in the fields
  • Click on "Change"
  • For security reasons, it is strongly recommended to regularly change your password

How can I change my Token Password?

  • Switch on your Security Token
  • Type the Token PASSWORD
  • Click on "On" or "Ok"
  • Click on "Menu" button
  • 'CHANGE PASSWORD' appears
  • Click on "On" or "Ok"
  • 'NEW PASSWORD' appears
  • Type your new token PASSWORD (5 digit)
  • Click on "On" or "Ok"
  • 'CONFIRM' appears
  • Type in your new token PASSWORD
  • Click on "On" or "Ok"
  • 'COMPLETE' appears

What if I close my session without logging out?

It is recommended to log out before closing the window. But, even if a session is closed without a proper log-out, you will be prompted to enter your User Id and Login Password again. But any unsaved transfer will be lost.

What should I do if I get Login Failed?

  • "Login Failed" means you have entered a wrong User Id and Login Password combination more than 3 times and that your IB access is locked.
  • Call (+248) 428 6879 for assistance

What should I do if I have the following error message: "Your request has timed out. For a transaction request, please check the status on your dashboard or contact the Bank"?

Check your dashboard to verify the transaction status or call (+248) 428 6879 for more details.

What does Time Out mean?

After a period of inactivity on the service, the system will automatically log you out.
  • Individual user: 10 minutes
  • Corporate user: 15 minutes

My Security Token displays the message Locked. What should I do?

Call (+248) 428 6879

What should I do if I get Authentication Failed when using my Security Token?

This could be a wrong "Challenge" or "Token response" being inserted. Please ensure that the "Challenge" is correctly entered on the Security Token and that the "Response" provided by the Security Token is correctly inserted on IB. If the problem persists, call (+248) 428 6879

Why do I have "ERROR" when trying to change my Token Password?

The new PASSWORD is a too easy combination (e.g.: 12345)