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21 Sep 2020

Covid-19 sanitary measures: Wearing of masks

Dear Valued Customer,

Further to the publication of new Public Health (Infectious Disease) (Mandatory Wearing of Face Masks) Regulations, 2020 and the public announcement of Dr Jude Gedeon, all banks need to impose the wearing of face masks.
Please note this applies to all MCB branches including Victoria branch. Customers must wear their masks for the whole duration of their visits and ensure that the masks covers the nose and mouth. Only children under the age of five may be admitted without masks.

To ensure consistency in procedures, customer, as well as staff protection, the temperature control procedure remains the same. We have verified with the Health Department that the Bank needs to follow the operating instructions for the temperature device strictly that is pointing it to the individual’s foreheads/temples and not any other body parts.

Collectively we can stand against Covid-19.