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18 Sep 2018

MCB partners with TRASS to boost reforestation efforts on Praslin

Volunteers from the Terrestrial Restoration Action Society of Seychelles (TRASS) gathered alongside the staff of the Mauritius Commercial Bank Seychelles Ltd (MCB) for the official handover ceremony of a new Hyundai Pick-up truck, sponsored by MCB to this Praslin-based NGO.  Worth over SCR300,000, this H100 truck was eagerly awaited by TRASS volunteers who previously had to rely on sponsored transport facilities to access whichever sites they were working on.

In handing over the keys to Mr. Victorin Laboudallon in the presence of Praslin MCB Staff and TRASS volunteers, Bernard Jackson, Managing Director, MCB, commended the members of the NGO on the exceptional work they do in reforestation of the Praslin hills and mangrove forests.  “Indeed one must have the passion for doing what you do – more so on a voluntary basis! What you do helps in protecting and preserving Praslin forests for future generations to come. MCB is therefore proud to be associated with such a worthy cause and this is one way of giving back to the people of Praslin, where we operate two branches”, Bernard Jackson said. 

Over the past nine years, TRASS has been busy rehabilitating burnt and degraded forests on Praslin through the introduction of several endemic and native plants in an effort to safeguard mountain peaks against erosion, whilst restoring the Wetlands which have lost their Mangrove Forests.  Recognised by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (U.N.C.C.D), TRASS’ work not only protects the landscape but also the surrounding coral reefs which are likewise being destroyed by red soil eroding from the degraded land after rainfall.

Earlier this year, the Chairman of TRASS, Mr. Victorin Laboudallon, reached out to MCB through the Bank’s CSR ‘Call For Projects’ seeking assistance for the purchase of a pick-up truck – detailing the benefits of being self-sufficient in transportation of volunteers and material.   After carefully evaluating the details of their submission, MCB concluded that the appeal for assistance was well deserved. Wheels were set in motion for the purchase of a truck which was duly facilitated by PMC Autos Ltd.  Once purchased, MCB called on the expertise of AP designs and WePrint Pty Ltd for the branding of the vehicle.  MCB also covered all costs pertaining to the insurance of the vehicle as well as the ferry transfer to Praslin.