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14 Mar 2017

MCB Seychelles funds Anse Etoile School’s PV system

MCB Seychelles has donated SCR 50,000 to Anse Etoile School to fund a 5kW photovoltaic (PV) system in Seychelles. During a small function held at Caravelle House Head Office, representatives of Anse Etoile School received their cheque from MCB Seychelles’ Managing Director, Bernard Jackson.

With the forthcoming implementation of its photovoltaic system, Anse Etoile will thus enter the Solar Schools Programme within the Department of Education and the Seychelles Energy Commission. This donation is part of MCB Seychelles’ Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR), which promotes eco-friendly initiatives and sustainable environment.

The school has become the first state school in Mahé to launch such an initiative. In the long run, it is expected that all the country’s 35 state schools will follow suit. This governmental initiative aims at reducing schools’ monthly electricity consumption and utility bills.

Anse Etoile has also been rewarded for being one of the best eco-schools in Mahé. The students are determined in making their school the best state primary school in Seychelles!