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02 Dec 2015

MCB gives a helping hand to Fondasyon Leritaz Sesel

SEY donation
Victoria, 2nd December 2015:
MCB has made a donation to the Fondasyon Leritaz Sesel (FSL), which works for the conservation of the archipelago’s historical and cultural heritage.

Amongst other endeavours, the foundation has set up children’s clubs called “Klib Kiltir”. MCB has offered knitwear to these youngsters thus encouraging them to show their support for conservation. The children will act as ambassadors for the cause.

The donation took place on 27th November 2015, in presence of the Seychelles Director General for Culture, Marcel Rosalie.

Bernard Jackson, Managing Director, MCB: “This initiative shows the sustained concern of the MCB for heritage conservation and for the protection of the region’s rich cultural history”. This gesture is also illustrates the involvement of the MCB within the local community.