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24 Sep 2014

Beware of counterfeit notes

Victoria, 23 September 2014: In light of increased reports of counterfeit R500 notes in circulation, MCB recommends its customers and the general public to exercise caution when handling bank notes.

Security features
The Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS) is the sole authority to issue bank notes in Seychelles. These notes contain distinct easily recognisable security features to facilitate the detection of genuine notes vis-à-vis forgeries. The features include security thread, watermark and images that become apparent under ultra violet light. (see attachment below for full list of features). Counterfeit notes are worthless and as such no reimbursement of face value is given by the CBS.

Reporting forgery
The Seychelles Police Force views counterfeit bank notes in a very serious light. The police urge anyone who is given counterfeit notes, to immediately report the matter and take the counterfeit note to the nearest police station so the matter can be investigated by the Fraud Unit.

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