corporate banking

Merchant Services

Our Merchant Services fully meet your card processing needs. Our solutions enable your business to accept and process MasterCard, Maestro, Visa and Union Pay International Cards. The services:
  • Are available in multiple currencies (EUR, USD, SCR and GBP)
  • Guarantee payment to merchants
  • Help to consolidate current level of business and prospect increased turnover
  • Allow the customer to spend for larger amounts than cash in hand
  • Reduce the risk of handling cash as bank account is credited with the proceeds from card sales
  • Benefit from advertising during card promotional campaigns

There are 3 models of POS available:
  • Landline POS
  • GPRS POS (with electricity connection)
  • GPRS Mobile POS

*only the landline POS requires a phone line. All other POS models use SIM card.