Visa Electron Debit Card

MCB Debit Cards: Better than Cash! 
Access your money wherever you go. Whether you are in Seychelles or abroad, your MCB Visa Electron Card is a convenient substitute for cash and lets you access all services on ATMs.

Instant benefits 

  • Withdraw cash from any ATM bearing the Visa logo anywhere in the world. 
  • Daily cash withdrawal limit: SCR 10,000 or equivalent in foreign currency. 
  • Shop with peace of mind: look for merchants displaying the Visa logo, swipe your card and you're done. 
  • Stay safe: no need to carry cash around as your card gives you direct access to your money. 
  • Spend as much as you want: no spending limits except the amount available in your account. 
  • Access a wealth of services on our network of ATMs. 

24/7 banking

MCB has an extensive network of ATMs in Seychelles. Your Visa Electron card lets you use them for your daily banking needs at anytime. You no longer need to visit a branch and you don't need to worry about opening hours.
  • Transfer funds between your current and savings accounts designated by you on your application form and agreed to by MCB Seychelles 
  • Obtain a statement of the last eight operations effected on your designated account(s) 
  • Enquire about your balance (on screen or printed receipt) 
  • Use MCB Refill to top up your credit on Cable & Wireless and Airtel prepaid mobile subscriptions 
  • Make a cash/cheque deposit at our Providence Counter ATM 
  • Change your PIN

Some tips on how to safely use your MCB Seychelles cards:

  • Never store your Personal Identification Number (PIN) in written form. We recommend that you memorise your PIN.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, disclose your PIN to any third party. 
  • Always verify the amount on your card payment receipt prior to signing your name or entering your PIN. 
  • In case of loss or theft of your card, please call MCB Seychelles as soon as possible. 
  • Your card has a magnetic strip which may be damaged if exposed at length to magnetic fields or devices such as mobile phones.